Design Brief

Design a concept for a dynamic media façade that can be used to build up a sustained relation to a civic theme or challenge through everyday participation - with a focus on creating an immediately engaging interaction that activates people sensuously and emotionally and affectively to contribute to this theme through user-generated content.

Our Solution

The Cycle Shift is a playful media façade that aims to bring about a positive cultural shift in attitudes towards bike culture in Sydney. by increasing the visibility of bike movements.

In Sydney, bicycles are not seen as credible forms of transport. This creates an air of danger and intimidation when cycling — a behavioural change as well as paradigm shift is required. The Cycle Shift Media Façade increases the visibility of cyclists by playfully multiplying current bike movements. We aim to bring about a much-needed cultural shift towards bike culture on the roads — to make bicycle awareness part of the cultural fabric of Sydneysiders.

Data from cyclists’ GPS data is routed into visuals on the façade in a high-density pedestrian tunnel: bicycles whizz past commuters in an artistic representation and multiplication of the current state of bicycles in transit. Commuters can interact with the façade through a silhouette of a bike that serendipitously follows each commuter on their daily walk, further connecting the public to cycle culture and engaging them in a playful interactive conversation through the once-mundane tunnel transfer.


Our process journal for the 24 hour challenge can be found at this link.


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