UTS Large-Scale Interactive Wall

The Monkey’s Cobbler was commissioned by The University of Technology Sydney to turn a sterile lobby into an exciting, playful, interactive lounge area which showcases cutting edge interaction technology and generative content.

As lead Creative Technologist on the project, I devised a series of generative artworks and mini-games that afford collaboration between friends and strangers, giving the once-sterile space a unique dynamism.

I worked in collaboration with architects, interior designers and AV contractors to install hardware that allows a range of active and passive ways to interact with content. An eight metre wide interaction area can pick up hand gestures, while thermal imaging cameras track the amount of traffic crossing the busy thoroughfare. A Leap motion device is also installed to allow fine-grained, individual control of content. 

Content is projection-mapped onto a large-scale wall with a unique curvy shape, affording a strong impression to the public on the busy road of Broadway. The scale of the projection coupled with the large interactive area makes this one of the most unique interactive setups in the world.

My role for this project involved:

  • Creative pitch and conceptualisation of interactive content (hardware install and software)
  • Close collaboration with involved parties including architects, AV contractors, interior designers, builders and electricians
  • Planning the unique combination of interactive hardware, taking into account advantages and constraints of the space, and considering active and passive interaction possibilities
  • Overseeing and quality control of the unconventional hardware install
  • Software development (openFrameworks, Unity, Processing, and Node.js)
  • System administration (implementing security policies, remote-access, interfacing with installed hardware, and a custom-built content scheduling app)