United Overseas Bank Painting of the Year: ReImagined


In Singapore, I worked as one of the primary team members in conceptualising, designing, and developing a large-scale interactive art project for the Utopia festival, the first festival of its kind in Singapore to focus solely on interactive arts. The festival is primarily sponsored by United Overseas Bank, one of the leading banks in Asia.

The work is called "UOB Painting of the Year: Reimagined", and involved five 90" energy-efficient flat-screen tv's, controlled by five iPads. The installation ran for 10 days in the atrium that connects the two iconic UOB towers at the edge of the Singapore river, which is a high-thoroughfare area.

Using the iPads, the public could browse previous entries in UOB's annual Painting of the Year competition, which has been running since 1982. This offers the public the chance to get up-close and personal with the collection of paintings on a large-scale display. Along with browsing the collection, 14 award-winning paintings from the collection were digitally deconstructed and re-imagined as animated paintings, drawing attention to the finer details of the artworks. These animations introduced a new dimension to each painting, combining traditional art with technology for a rich audio/visual experience.

We estimate that around 9,200 people directly interacted with the installation over the 10 days.