Pensivity at Beams Arts Festival 2014

Pensivity is the first art installation created by Dune, the art collective I have co-founded.

Pensivity debuted at the Beams Arts Festival in Chippendale, Sydney. 


Pensivity was shown at:

Beams Arts Festival 2014, Sydney

OutsideIn Festival 2014, Sydney

Aura Exhibition 2014, University of Sydney


Pensivity establishes a transcendent mirror that reflects the auras of beings that pass by. This reflection is of a temporal nature — as time passes, the energy of visitors disturbs an ethereal space in a playful and mesmerising scene.

Our interactive installation builds upon the slit scan cinematic technique by creating an augmented, real-time experience. As the participants move, their reflected human forms escape from rigid skeletal structures and become fluid, twisting and distorting in direct relation to the calmness or energetic vibrancy of their movements. As if moving through water, these new forms affect a projected atmosphere, causing disturbances and creating a push and pull effect between form and environment. When the participants are still, the scene calms and a gentle pulsating energy emanates from within their reflected forms, exploring utopic ideas of peace in both the outer world and the inner mind.

The interactive installation consists of a large surface projection, reflecting augmentations of people with the algorithmic processing of a camera input to establish an immersive mirage. Supporting multi-user interactions in a busy thoroughfare, we aim to create an immersive and serendipitous experience for passers-by and participants of the festival