Graffiti Me at Vivid Sydney 2014

Graffiti Me is an interactive artwork in collaboration with Susanne Chan.

Graffiti Me debuted at Vivid Sydney 2014, an 18 day festival of light, attended by over 1.4 million people. Public response was positive, with an estimated 40,000 total interactions with the two Spraycans!


Street art is a diverse and constantly evolving art form. Pieces of street art can be found in or inspired by the urban environment. Considered as vandalism by some, for others, street art is a tool for communicating views that can be political, economical, environmental, or simply views on everyday life.

GraffitiMe is an interactive artwork that engages the community in beautifying the urban environment.

GraffitiMe invites patrons to use the traditional tool of street art – the spray can – to create their own street art murals. The captured images overlay the previous, both a mimicry of street art aesthetics and a collage of temporary thoughts and memories.

Unlike the ephemeral nature of street art, the stencilled-like images were collated and turned into a time-lapse film. The film was made available on a bespoke website and updated alongside the installation – what was seen as an individual experience was also be felt as a collective community involvement. 

Susanne Chan: Concept, design, and construction

Mark C Mitchell: Software development, electronics